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What is normal?

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    what is normal?
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    Normal is a general, accepted standard.
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    but then there are different kinds of normality isn't there?

    It's "normal" to go running in shortshorts and a singlet, but it's not "normal" to go to a bussiness meeting in them.

    It was normal for people back in the middle ages to carry swords and speak old english, but not normal for people today?

    hmm. situational norms? historical norms? :eek:
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    im guessing situational normals, since histroy can be thought of as a bunch of situations. "Normal is a general, accepted standard."+that humans think of for that perticular time/place.
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    What is normal to you is not normal to me.Everybody has a diffrent look at normal.Its what ever is normal to you.You see kid from the inner city,i would say a kid on a farm would not think thats normal.normal is what you see as normal
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    Culture establishes what is normal, and the forces that drive the concept of "normality" to an individual include, in order of most to least affect, the immediate family, the extended family, the community, and the society (although in many instances today, the media plays the most important role of all in transmitting "normal" :smile:).
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    average, according to your upbringing, RARELY synonymous with "good" or "proper"

    BTW--what difference does it make? If it's just to define a word, a fun one to work on is "is"
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    There are different kinds of "normals" or what some call standards.

    When referring to issues involving people, normals are standards set by the society one is lives in or abides to.

    Normal for women in Arab conuntries is to keep covered and play a low keyed role in society.

    Someone of "normal' weight is one who is not too fat or skinny. Many hundreds of years ago women who are considered obese by todays standards were considered beautiful then and were often portrayed in paintings.

    Normal conditions in a spaceship in when everything appears to be running right. Normal weather conditions refer to average temperatures, rainfall ext..

    the term "normal" is ften used very loosley since a lot of times it is subjective/
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    There is no such thing as normal. Normal is a term made and spread by the media to homogenize(?) society. We are plagued by this sense of normality. This quest of seeming normal is just a way for people to feel accepted and feel like part of a group.
    My philosophy is not to let the media dictate your definition of normal. Each person should have their own definition of normal, like how many people have different definitions of god. What do you guys think?
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    the norms change as society changes....back then it was also normal to recieve a flogging when you did something wrong....now it's illegal.
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    There is a norm

    When you say what is normal every one responds with "whats normal now or to you isn't normal for me or back then." But there is a standard, normality of what a human is is not dependant on person or persons but man itself, and man (which is normal) is eternal, eternal in the sense of its essence. So when you ask "What is normal?" Normal is being a good human, being a good man.
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    wait....okay then how where people back then...in the "old times" good when they whipped and tortured people....? are you saying that those people arent normal?
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    people who ripped and tortured were not normal, they were doing evil when they should of (in order to fulfil the norm of man) done good and imbrace those that they were torturing. It may of appeared to be normal back then, but just because they perceive what is right that doesn't actually make it right.
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    okay but what they were doing back then, was normal to everyone else there....correct? it was the usual punishment for a crime, etc. right? so everyone thought it was normal.....so it was normal back then...? right? so why are people thinking that things we do now are normal? maybe what we do now isnt really normal like we think it is....does that make sense? :confused:
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    Todays society is mostly governed by the media and is persuaded by media, hence what media is is "normal", today that is true, culturally that is true. But living by media standards is not normal cause its wrong, so back then, though they perceived it as "normal", it was wrong, and the norm of what a human is is not wrong, so then that isn't normal.

    If you want to go more indepth and look at it sychologically, today allot of people do what they do cause its easier, people spend countless hours watching TV, this is "normal", they do this to escape reality, to escape using body and mind, this we know is wrong yet "normally" that is what happens. the "norm" today is that porn is ok, but is this really normal or morally and sychologically wrong, so to say this is "normal" is pretty much saying, this is what everyone is doing, so lets accept it and call it "normal", do you not see the fallacy in that.
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    I think you're confusing "right" with "normal." If the societal mean was the consistently do the wrong thing, then doing the wrong thing would be normal, but it would still be wrong.
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    normal is societies accepted standard at any given time, you also have diffrent levels of society/culture, like global and regional and even cities have diffrent standards thus what might be normal in one city might not be in another
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    Normal is what the bulk of people tries to be and the rest tries to avoid being.
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    Norm is not majority

    You all mistaking normal for majority, cause the majority of people watches porn that doesn't make it "normal". All of you are perceiving normal as what is consistent in the time. Being a normal human means being normal to your essence. If you saw a four sided triangle, that isn't right, isn't "normal" because it goes against a triangles essence (please don't respond with a four sided triangle is a square, I'm giving an example) just like watching porn goes against a human beings essence, hence it isn't normal.
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