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What is not a fluid

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    Aside from solids, are any of the known states of matter (exotic or otherwise) considered to not be fluids?

    As a side note, I'd like to appologize in advance if this turns out to be posted under the wrong category of physics, I could not tell which category this would fall under and this seemed like the most accurate.
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    what other states of matter are you aware/familiar of/with ?
    how about listing them here and then maybe doing some searching on the definitions of each :smile:

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    I currently know of solids, liquids, gasses, plasmas, and quark-gluon plasma. I have used Google in the past to find out about plasma however, and found that it seems to behave as a fluid.
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    yes and even solids can also do that
    consider the earth, solid rock and appears that way on a small scale. But on a much larger scale, that of continent sized proportions
    it can behave like a very viscous fluid ( and I'm not referring to the hot mantle or to lava)

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    Add Bose-Einstein condensate to the cold end of that list.
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    Yes, I am aware that on a large scale and over long periods of time, the earth's crust seems to behave almost as a fluid, but to my understanding, that phenomenon, like the liquid used in the Pitch Drop Experiment, this is an example of extreme situations rather than the norm. I was wondering more about states in which the norm is to not be fluid rather than in primarily just in extreme or rare examples.

    Thank you, I did not know about that one. It will be very interesting to find out more about Bose-Einstein condensate.
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