What is organic substances?

  1. what is organic substances?
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    Hello, I think you need very elementary knowledge of organic substances.

    Well, if a substance contains covalent bonds rather than ionic, not having a high melting point, not very soluble in water, we may briefly consider it to be a potential organic substance. Organic compounds are not stable to hot concentrated sulfuric acid; and this test is frequently done to search any organic matter in a given substance. If there is some, then some coal-like carbon particles occur due to sulfuric acid's oxidation.

    I think that is enough for a person wondering what organic substances are. But we are eager to help you, if you have further questions.

    regards, chem_tr
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    Carbon compounds not including oxides, cyanides, or carbonates.
  5. but isnt carbon dioxide has a low melting point?
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    As Shawn says, excluding oxides.
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    Yes, I agree with Shawn and Janitor and add that any compound containing carbon less than 4+ formal valence (indicator of CO2) might be organic. C4- is characteristic of methane, and C3- is its homolog alkanes; C2- is of ethylene and other terminal alkenes, and so on. When we come to C3+, it is seen with all of carboxylic acids. But the statement "any carbon compound excluding carbonates, cyanides and dioxide" is simpler. Note that nitrile and cyanide are similar in structure, with the difference being covalent and ionic, respectively.

    I hope you've gained an idea about organic substances.

    Regards, chem_tr
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