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B What is P wave symmetry?

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    It has to do with the "shape" (symmetry) of the superconducting wavefunction.
    Most conventional superconductors have s-wave symmetry which means that the wavefunction is isotropic. High-Tc superconductors have d-wave symmetry meaning the wavefunction has four "lobes" (in k-space). This means the properties (the "gap") of the superconductor will depend on the orientation of the crystal.
    P-wave means that the wavefunctions has two-lobes.
    The letter s,p and d have been used to indicate symmetry in atomic physics for a long time (initally it refered to the appearance of the line when doing spectrscopy d=diffuse), see the image on the right on the folllowing wiki.
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    Thank you f95toli.
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