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Studying What is part time masters?

  1. Apr 4, 2016 #1
    What is part time masters? What are its pros and cons? Difference between academic fee of part time and full time masters? Would I be able do to part time masters in physics if I have a full time job in aerospace industry?
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    These questions have answers that are very location- and school-specific.

    If you're looking at a course-based MSc degree, then the idea is just that you take so many graduate courses and at the end you are awarded a master's degree. Because it's course-based, there's no reason you can't do it part time. You just take the classes as you can. This is popular in the engineering or teaching professions, because the master's degree is a means to professional advancement. Some companies might even foot the bill.

    It's less popular in physics. My experience is with the Canadian system where an MSc in physics is thesis-based (including so many units of coursework and a graduate thesis). Again, you can do it part-time, but this stretches out the time to completion.

    Of course it's possible to do something like this with a full-time job, but that would keep you incredibly busy.
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    but still what is the difference between full time and part time masters? i mean what do we have to do in part time masters? would the syllabus be same?
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    Those are location and country specific questions. You should probably contact the univeristy you're planning to attend.
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    Why would you expect the syllabus to be any different? Part time is usually defined by the student not enrolling in enough courses to be designated as a full time student. There may be some schools that set up programs specifically to aimed at students who have day jobs (i.e. they might teach the majority of the courses in the evenings) but you would have to expect that the course requirements are the same as for anyone full time.

    And like Micromass says, the details are going to specific to the country you're in and the school that you attend. Why not just look up the program that you're interested in and then email the department if you have any questions that aren't answered on their website?
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