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What is peace?

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    What is it - to be @ peace? I don't mean the type military type - but personal peace.

    I don't think there is anyone who rejects peace - but what is it / how can you attain it?

    Is it an experience that cannot be described?
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    To me, to be "at peace" means to accept where you are in life, to have accepted what you are and to be ok with what you have done in the past.

    I guess I am at peace.
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    Very nice.

    "For as long as you're looking for peace... you won't find it".

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    Peace is not a well-defined word. In some contexts, it merely means the absence of war or the absence of killing. Then there is the context such as "peace and quiet" which refers to a lack of action or stimulation (possibly only referring to certain types of stimulation). This lack could be in amplitude and/or population (For example, peace=quiet or peace=lack of distinguishable sounds).

    Peace could also mean the lack of negative experience. Peace could entail positive experience.

    Peace could mean some combination of any of the above and more.

    I usually think of peace as being a lack of intense, negative experience, in which case outer space, the moon, mars, or Jupitor is much more peaceful than any places humans have been.
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    I agree with you Evo. "No regrets about past, No worries about future"
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    Depends on who is giving thier meaning of peace. Peace becomes much of a bigger meaning when talking about a community, state or province, government or the world.
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    Thanos: What's your definition of personal peace?
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    To fully accept the good and bad that comes with life. That includes what happened in life, whats happening now and what is about to happen.
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    I forgot to include my definition of peace here. Excuse me.

    Ah, erm, eiuuuuu.

    Relative peace (personal peace) is that ability to find peace in all situations and conditions into which one puts one's self.

    Its a kind of bring your own bottle deal. Sort of BYOP. That's my biopsy of personal peace.

    If there were an english word for it it would be "enpeace" as in "enjoy". Enjoy means to bring joy to a subject matter, because no inaminate and very few animate objects actually have joy inherent therein. Whitherto, furthermore, moreover, bleedin' eh. What?
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    Like your definition....but am a little worried about certain aspects of it, like "Ah, erm, eiuuuuu." and "Whitherto, furthermore, moreover, bleedin' eh. What?" ... :D
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    peace? for me if nothing gives me pressure, no conflict with others.
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    No worries.

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