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What is perfection?

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    What is perfection? Is it not something that a person finds desirable or ideal in all aspects? If so, wouldn't it be logical to assume that perfection is an arbitrary value that is relative to the observer?
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    And, if I am free to use the word "duck" for what you choose to designate as a "tree", then we see that "duck" has an arbitrary reference relative to the user.

    What was your point again?
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    i dont think so; perfection cant is hard to achieve if not impossible. we all knewthat all events that took place in the universe done always with losses. law of thermodynamics can attest that.
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    how about 0, or void

    it is the absense of adaptation, or anything perceived imperfect
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    I would think that the best way to define perfection would be in relation to universal standards. A perfect score would be a 100%. However, if you received 102% for extra credit, it would still be perfection based on the universal standards of getting all the answers correct that can affect you negatively.
    Thinking of what the person stated with the duck and tree example, language is used as a universal standard so that we can communicate effectively with each other. Although language is a universal standard of communication for a society, there is no way to actually achieve perfection in communication because there may not be a word in a given language to describe something completely as a person experiences it. There can only be perfection against the universal standard of language, but not in communication itself. Likewise, there can only be perfection in the universal standard of 100% of points in a course. There is no way to have absolute perfection in knowledge of a subject area. How do I know that? There is no universal standard on what knowledge is. hahaha
    If a person chooses to disregard a universal standard as not being relevant to their life, then that just means that perfection related to that standard is not important to the individual, but the perfection still exists regardless.
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    Well, from a none scientific point of view, I would say perfection is something that gived you a giddy feeling to be around, like someone you like, to you it can seem perfect to be around them. Or it could also be a feeling of achievement in some cases. Kind of a lame way to describe it but I like it.
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