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What is Perfectness ?

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    Is it possible to have:
    1) Perfect humanity, no sin, immaculate,immortal, fully wise ?
    2) Perfect world, no war, no disease, no starvation,no discrimination?

    Having the concept of perfectness, and demanding it, right or wrong?
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    If everything were perfect how would you know imperfection?
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    the opposite of it.
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    If everything were 'perfect', you wouldn't be aware of opposite, or consider it nonexistent unreal.

    'First matrix was designed to be a perfect world. it was a disaster, entire crops were lost.' You don't think this was said easily, do you.

    Perfect world is when someone somewhere suffers, but YOU don't.
    Perfect humanity is when someone is an *******, but you are saint. :smile:
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    Well, actually, if you were to attain to perfection, the rest of humanity would have to attain it with you, or you would quickly lose your perfection (since someone's being perfect can cause jealousy, and to cause jealousy is to sin against another human being).
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    Depends on your view of perfection. Any one view of perfection can be fully attainable, given sufficient effort. For example, if we think of the Judeo-christian view of the ten commandments, well it certainly is possible to follow that to the letter, and be perfect at it. However, being universally perfect is impossible. Relative to another culture the actions you took to be a perfect human by the christian view may be lounging in imperfection and sin. As with the fully wise idea - this is only true when there is one right answer and it is right for everyone, all the time, which is not representative of the real world.

    Easy. A sterile world would be a perfect world. No war, no disease, no starvation, no discrimination because quite simply, nothing exists. IMHO, the imperfection of us defines much of our being.
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    The unattainable ? :wink:
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    it's all relative!

    your 'perfection' for us would be hell for other organisms such as viruses. (viruses are people too! )

    and by the way, i made it to the big 100!

    and for a more straight forward answer to your question, i'd say no. first of all, consider the Matrix. remember how they said our human minds couldn't understand perfection without a sharp contrast to give it life? they may have something there.
    also we must remember the simple truths of the human condition. we will have genetic mutations that may produce insanity or other conditions which might need to be delt with.
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    Einstein's theory of relativity seems to have changed the way people think more profoundly than the simple physics theory. Working off the principle of relativity nothing can be understood completely within the context of everything, that would require a singular definitive and absolute point of reference on which to base the relativity of everything. But surely there are degrees of a more perfect society, less disease, accidental death, and starvation, less prejudice and jealousy, less desire of superficial material wants, less greed and selfishness. Change is evolution also, although change that stems from love is more likely to be effective than change stemming from hate.

    I would demand improvement, if this is wrong then so is using a cast to heal broken bones instead of suffering.
    One aspect of the problem is that greedy and selfish people will seek out positions of wealth and power more than people who tend to see these things for what they are (in a relative sense) as superficial wants. So we get a president who is the son of the president of yesterday, out of all the great people in this country why should this be? I think he is a good president, but this is not an impartial election, this is corruption.
    As time goes by I suspect people become dissensitized to the decline in morals, and it is morals that provide a relatively sound framework(religion) to guide one's life toward prosperity or that of a nation, but as a solution morals alone may be ineffective and religion shouldn't be forced on people anyway this promotes rebellion.
    Atheism makes me feel worse, I would rather follow pantheism.
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    No. Evolution selects the sinniest to survive ("eat promptly or be promptly eaten"), so genetically homo sapiens is still animal.

    Without gene engineering it may take a while (a few million years at least) till human genetically fit better to live in society.
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    But then evolution also selects symbiosis or mutual coopertation, otherwise your mitochodria wouldn't be there and we would all move as fast as plants I suspect, for instance a company that gives out bonuses for geniune smart or hard work will benefit and the employee will benefit to a greater degree than no bonuses-mutual cooperation.
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    Re: Re: What is Perfectness ?

    Thats why human race has wars. Those that don't fit, die out. Accelerated evolution...
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