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What is PG level physics like?

  1. Jan 6, 2013 #1
    What is post graduate physics like (just asking cuz I have no Idea) Are they just long long boring integrals or is it extremely interesting (like it used to be in High school).please let me know
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    Yes, you get plenty of those in graduate-level coursework. Pick up a copy of Jackson's E&M textbook and check out the homework problems. Or any graduate level QM textbook.

    In your actual research work, it depends on the field and whether you're a theorist or experimentalist. However, even experimentalists often have to slog through math, in order to set up or understand the calculations that they do to analyze their data.
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    Doing Graduate in Physics means great interest in the subject,so only because of long long boring integrals its not so boring for a Physics Student who really wants to learn and go in Research.
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