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What is philosophy?

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    Don't close this thread. I am not discussing any philosophy here.
    I am just confused with what philosophy is. Wikipedia says:
    In this defintion, it says study of mind and language is philosophy. Well then is neuro-biology and linguistics philosophy? What is it exactly?
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    Philosophy is all about the "Why" questions and is interested in the meanings of things which can't be explained via science.
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    Do you mean like - Why do electrons exist, what is the meaning of life etc. If these are the questions that philosophy deals with, then why is it a subject that is taught in universities? I can't imagine how you can progress further on such topics.
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    Just because two things study the same phenomena it doesn't mean one of them is part of the other. They can study these phenomena in different perspectives.

    Theology and physics both study the universe as a whole and its fundamental properties but neither physics is a part of theology or theology a kind of physics.
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    Philosophy is like religion in the sense that you can't progress, prove, test or observe anything. All philosophy does is try to answer the questions science can't.

    It's all completely subjective though, there is no right or wrong answer really. I actually find philosophy quite interesting, I don't think there is a single scientist out there that hasn't thought "Why are we here" or "Why is the speed of light c and not c+2" ect.

    These questions are fun to think about but ultimately there is no reason. Id the speed of like were 100m/s we'd be asking why is it 100m/s and not 500m/s.

    Humans are so insecure about not knowing and fear dying forever so they invent things or reasons to give their lives meaning.
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