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What is placebo effect ?

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    In the picture, you can see a red spot and a blue "stick". If you place your finger or a pen at the position of the blue stick at the area of the red spot, you'll feel dizzy even if you close your eyes. The finger / pen should be put as close as possible near your forehead without touching your skin. (I hope you can understand what I mean) Why is it so ?

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    I don't know if anyone else has got the same problem but I could not get the link to work, sorry.
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    I got a dead link too.
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    Hmm... I don't feel dizzy. Maybe it's a placebo effect?
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    What is placebo effect ?

    Perhaps I wasn't specific enough. You can move your finger from the mid point of your eyes up by about 0.3 - 1.5 cm, there should be a particular point which can make you feel uncomfortable. Your finger should be just 0.2-0.6 mm above your skin (ie should be as close as possible). Some of my friends tried and it really works.
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    The placebo effect...BOULDERHEAD LINK...basically, FZ+ was saying that you think you will be dizzy therefore you are dizzy.

    I think you must focus in on the end of your finger to feel dizzy, other than that, my Ajana gets stimulated
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    My friend pointed her finger in front of my forehead and I felt dizzy without knowing this method can in fact make a person dizzy. So I don't think it is a psychological effect.It works even if you close your eyes! You can feel when your friend points a finger to your forehead.
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    I felt nothing.
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    I got a little dizzy. But I'm drinking beer.
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    It used to happen to me when I was a child, but it doesn't happen anymore.
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    Put your finger at the mid point of your eyes (or move up 1-2 cm from that point) for at least 1 minute. YOur finger should be as close as your skin. I think I'm not a freak or I have any supernatural power! :smile:

    Well in fact I'm thinking of whether this phenomenon is related to the theory behind acupuncture or acupuncture points.
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    I didn't get dizzy, but my hand sure did get sore. Wow, theres some real powerful voodoo at work here....
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    I think it has something to do with you anticpating being touched by the pen. I wonder if your eyes were closed and you didn't know if they pen were there if it would work. I tried to do something like that, it seemed different to me.
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    I'll try that.

    And maybe the pen thing again too...

    My hand got tired and I almost fell asleep. But then that could be the beer.
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    yeah, i've always wondered about that too ! I know what you mean, it feels like the pen is touching your skin, but it isn't. Its a kinda itchy feeling for me.

    I think its the fact that you are anticipating to be touched that gives the feeling.
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    But I have some reservations. I remember some experiments that took place regarding tickling. Basically, it is impossible to tickle yourself, because the motor cortex "warns" your perceptual neurones beforehand as to self-inflicted sensations. If the dizziness is related, then this should also be true.

    Hmm... I have an idea... Wet your face and then repeat the experiment, or get a friend to do it again. Do you still feel dizzy?
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    I tried it along my entire face...felt exaclty the same-nothing.
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    i just noticed this post but cant participate

    the link is dead

    is this jpg posted anywhere else?
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