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What is polorization

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    what is it exactly? is it the direction of the electric field when an electromagnetic wave propagates in a certain direction?
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    If you were to measure the E-field at a fixed point as an EM wave moves past, you would find that the field oscillates in a particular direction. That direction is the polarization.
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    Well PolArisation is a term used to describe a phenomena found in all Transverse Waves. Now remember that transverse waves move in a direction but their displacement is perpendicular. Now what if these perpendicular displacements were in all directions - i.e. one perpendicular displacement at a certain angle and another at a different one etc. Now Polarisation only lets 1 of those perpendicular displacements through.

    I hope I explained clearly. Nevertheless remember that Light is not only made of 1 Plane wave displacement... It is made of multiple ones. Now a Polaroid Polariser lets only one of those Displacements through...
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    (the underlined part is what i am emphasizing)

    which one would it let though or rather how do you determine which will be let through, and also i am unclear about the fact that whether what the polaroid polarizer does is in fact polarization or not?
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