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I'm an mechatronics engineer student.
My university offers Power Electronics course. However, it's not compulsory.
As a student not very interested in capacitor, diode, inductor and complex things like that in a circuit design, I'm kinda on the fence about taking that course. I'm kinda much more interested in control system designs.
Also I'm not totally aware of what power electronics is.
So, my questions are;

1-What is power electronics, what does it deals with ?
2-What abilities do I gain if I take that course ?
3-Is it something essential for a mechatronics engineer ?

Thanks in advance

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If you want to understand what you're doing with electronics beyond a tinker toy level you need to take it as most people have a complete misconception about how electrical energy and information interact as they seem to think of them as logically separated fields. By understanding circuit theory at even a basic level you will be able to design control systems that takes into account the physics based limitations of electronics on the design.

If you want to be the best at your job then take the course.


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