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What is QM used?

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    I am not reall familiar with QM, although I may have used some of it's formula's before, But I have no Idea of what QM is. Can some one give a link where I can find some summerised description or something please.

    Or just try to explain it to me.

    I thank all in advance.
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    Try wikipedia or something like that. It'll give you a general idea of what's involved a provide some ideas on where to look if you want to know more.
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    Tom Mattson

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    Ok I can try this one, though it may be to basic of an answer. Anyhow, quantum mechanics is the theory that energy is stored in small quanta or packets rather than a large continous stream. It is to say certain atomic events only occur given they reach certain energy levels. Take electrons in a atom for example, in order to boost an electron to a higher energy level, that electron must absorb a discreet amount of energy. Any less and it will not make the transition. Thats about as basic as I can get right now. Also not that theories in quantum mechanics must revert back to classical views as objects approach marcoscopic levels. Thats to say the theories can be applied to large objects, but the solutions become so precise and complicated that they revert back to classical views such such as newtonian mechanics.
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