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What is Quake Confinement

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    What is "Quake Confinement"

    Hey everyone, I'm doing an exam review that's telling me to know what "Quake Confinement" means... and other than it occuring at t=10^-7 seconds... I can't find any more info.

    Any ideas or links?
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    Re: What is "Quake Confinement"

    If you Google on the term, you'll get a very general overview of early-time BB cosmology indicating that the "process" might have been a feature of the end of the inflationary period. If you have a prof that is suggesting that you review literature relevant to "quake confinement", it would behoove you to find out what references he or she is using, and toe the line in the exam.

    It is quite common to hear that "XYZ" observations "prove" "abc" features of theories, when in fact this is not true. Observations can constrain or rule out theories, but if the observations do not bear upon the fundamentals underlying the theories, they can easily be brushed aside and do not prove any features of them in the best case. The best science (IMO) is observational and experimental. Theoretical concerns should always be subservient to the results of hands-on scientists.
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    Re: What is "Quake Confinement"

    See http://www.astro.utoronto.ca/~hyee/AST121/cmb.pdf [Broken] for a credible discussion,
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