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What is really meant by negative voltage?

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    Hi, I get confused when I look at the dual power supply. I wish I can add two capacitor bank at both +ve and -ve terminals to improve its regulations.

    If I connect the capacitor bank, maybe 0.1F directly to the supply line, there must be a sudden high current flow through the rectifier (surge current) and will cause damage on it. So I decided to make something like protector to protect the circuit from surge current by charging up the capacitor bank first, then reconnect it to the supply line.

    But when I saw the negative supply, I get confused. How to connect the protector circuit to the negative voltage?

    Well, I think is like 2 batteries connected in series. Then I assumed that the center ground as the positive terminal of the lower part of the battery. If so, I can just copy the upper circuit of positive supply to the negative supply, isn't it? Can someone please check whether I connected the circuit correctly? Is the concept correct? Thanks.

    [PLAIN]http://dl.dropbox.com/u/34919012/Untitled.jpg [Broken]
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