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What is really valuable?

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    What actually has value, and why? Provide a good justification for your claims.
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    My life has value, not nearly enough think I, but value nevertheless. I justify this not because I feel my own worth, but because others have, at various times, told me that I will be missed. In a way, I regret that anyone should feel a cause to miss me in a sorrowful manner, but some things are unavoidable.

    Aside from that type of value, my gold crowns come about as close to having intrinsic worth as anything else I can imagine. :biggrin:
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    So, do others have their own worth to give you, yet you had none of your own to start with?

    What is so intrinsic about it gaining worth because humans desire it?
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    What has value to us it what is useful, beautiful and/or pleasing to us. Does anything have intrinsic value in and of itself? IMO things have intrinsic qualities or characteristics that are termed values such as beauty, color etc. but does that mean that they have value or are valuable in and of themselves without being useful or desireable to us? I don't think so. A gold nugget may be beautiful and have the color of gold but it is still a lump of metal or rock without humans to convet or use it.
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    I would say that I see in others a value, so in that sense they have their own worth to give me, but it is nevertheless a value that has been assigned by me. An individual coming to me and declaring they have value would, in all likelihood, be met with a response of; to whom?
    As to my own worth don’t believe I can be objective as to my own worth and so prefer listening to another for this information.

    Pretty much so, yes. When pushed I would say that I don’t truly believe that the gold in my mouth has intrinsic worth. If the same material was located on another planet, for example, what would be its value? So, I believe the value placed on something is related its usefulness as seen by another. I use the word usefulness broadly, as even a painting on someone’s wall has value to the owner if it is useful in promoting some feeling of satisfaction.
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    In the first paragraph you claim that value is subjectively assigned, so why would you worry about being objective about your own value? Your value according to you is no less objective than your value according to Jim.
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    Two reasons; first, I don't feel comfortable in a position where my Ego might be stroking itself. Second, my Ego prefers to be stroked by others. Shame on me !
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    quick post:
    i believe that my integrity and self love are the most important possessions i can have. without them all other endeavors will fail.

    i can not help the world improve the quality of life if i lack integrity and i must love myself before i can love another. as electro-magnetic energy binds atoms, love binds humanity.

    love and peace,
    olde drunk
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    What if someone doesn't value good justifications?
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    Perfectly reasonable answer, but it has nothing to do with objectivity vs. subjectivity. (Forgive me if I'm being overly pedantic. :tongue2:)
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    "Peace of mind is value"

    "Peace of mind produces right values, right thoughts, right actions, it produces and reflects the individual value. Its a personal thing, anyone can experience. After a hard days work and you finished all that you set to accomplish, resting on that sofa is value. When you study for an exam long hours and get back the test stamped, passed, that cold beer going down the tube, that night is value. A trek to the top of a mountain and then the sudden look down, your heartbeat recedes, thats value. Struggling to pay the bills, to put 4 children though college, the feel of that tight tie on your neck at the graduation, thats value. All these things are the mental feel attached to the physical feel of accomplishment.
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    Oops did that twice how did that happen?
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    Shares of Berkshire Hathaway. :wink:
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    Actually, objectivity vs. subjectivity was not something I meant to pursue. You show an interest in this so I will explain first that my thinking was more along the lines of wishing to avoid being a cocksure egoist, as many people I have met are inclined to be. I would, nevertheless, be more inclined to trust a compilation of opinions made by the friends and acquaintances of an individual than to simply accept what the individual says about himself. This is reinforced by my dealings in the business world, but it has been my experiences that people have a tendency to exaggerate and overrate themselves in other areas as well. Before an operation, I always get a second (or third) opinion. Likewise, before I tell you all about my value I’d like to have a good long look at what those who know me have to say. Oh yes, I wouldn’t want to be guilty of fishing for compliments either. This is why comments make spontaneously from others bear special significance to me.
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    If we can have egoists and egomaniacs, can we have idists or idmaniacs? I'm pretty sure we can have libidomaniacs - I think I met some. Me, I'd like to be a superegomainac, but something inside just tells me I shouldn't.

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    Hmmm, it just may be possible;
    http://dictionary.reference.com/search?q=idist [Broken]
    I know one or two (not counting Bill Clinton). All were from Arkansas. Perhaps they grow on trees?
    I do not have sufficient evidence to believe this and would like to hear what your friends and business partners have to say about you, haha.
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