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What is RF equipment?

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    I have to certify one of my product which used in industrial pannel boards for EMI/EMC this contains only capacitors and resistors. can any body help me in what all teas i have to do for this? and one more thing is it necessary to do RF disturbance test on this product?

    and What is RF equipment?

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    RF, as in Radio Frequency. I don’t know all the applicable details involved with your system so you may need to speak with someone knowledgeable with regulatory compliance in your area. If, however, you would like to be familiarized with the process in a very general way you might browse here;


    http://www.emctech.com.au/role_cb.html#link_2 [Broken]

    Here are nice photos of a testing facility where equipment is rotated 360 degrees while emission levels are recorded;
    http://www.gpcl.com/services/emc_test_facilities.htm [Broken]

    Good luck.
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    You need to read up on the certification standard you're attempting to meet.

    - Warren
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