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What is science all about?

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    So the universe stuff is so (out there) that very few understand it, and it may not even be half right, the Earthly stuff is about making gadgets cheaper and easier to produce, Thank you science for all my mass produced tasteless food, and the electronic gizmos, and thanks for all the medical advances ,that i assure you do not get to the general population, and thank you for all the military weaponry.
    But most of all thank you for double soft toilet paper.
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    I think we would be ecstatic if we had 10% of it correct, right now.

    You're confusing science with the people who use the science for applications. Obviously, the fault of Engineering!
    The latest medical advances are more available to the general population than they have been in the entire history of the planet.
    Another Engineering applications problem.
    Science accepts your gratitude.
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    The latest medical advances are more available to the general population than they have been in the entire history of the planet.

    You think so, join the waiting list :smile: in my view 90% of all medical advances has been swallowed up with administration.
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    Perhaps it's what people are about. We have advanced weaponry to either defend ourselves or to conquer to acquire more resources so we can survive and not them.
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    Originally Posted by wolram
    and thank you for all the military weaponry
    Quote seycyrus
    Another Engineering applications problem.

    So you science guys say, hey we have figuered out how to harness the atom, may be we can make a better bomb, and the engieers start work on it.
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    That's not quite correct. First we figure out the bomb, then we call the president to say "You must do it for the the people", and finally, a few months later, we send him a letter to notify that we changed our mind.
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    I can only hope that humankind in this century can secure its position in the universe by spreading to other planets in the solar system, otherwise we would be all caught up in a catastrophe of ecology and resources on Earth, which, if wouldn't destroy the mankind completely, could completely stop our technological progress for a long, long while...
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    A wish i comply with, but is just wishful thinking, mankind can not even get to Mars without huge finances, a drain that is more directed to Eathly problems.
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    The main motivation for science is fun. Engineers love building new things (at least I do!) and scientists love discovering new things (at least I do when I put on my science cap). People do science because they love to do it. Engineering is more motivated by money, but still most engineers still love engineering.

    All the goodies are just side effects of this fun.
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    That may be a problem with your nationalized medical coverage in the UK.

    In the past week I have watched two documentaries on UK citizens that had to come to the US to get cutting edge medical treatment not allowed/payed for in the UK.

    One was a life saving operation for a baby that had a rare genetic problem that caused bleeding in her brain. The surgery was not covered by the nationalized medical coverage in the UK.
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    the trick is learning to speak spanish. and coming to america.
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    How long was the waiting list in the 7th century?
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    By now you should understand the difference between science and engineering. The goal of science is to understand. The goal of engineering is to solve practical problems and to design. You may be interested in the statement of Edward Teller about this; the Responsibilities of the Scientist. There was a televised, recorded interview in which he discussed this, but the broadcast must have been more than 10 years ago.
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    I don't think that's a problem. I wouldn't expect any country in the world to be able to provide every bit of cutting edge medical treatment, let alone a little island like the UK!
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