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What is Soulbonding

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    Some authors get really bonded to their characters in what they call "Soulbonding", which is basically they feel that their character is almost a real person. So people go as far as to say the characters are real on another plane of existence but this view does not appear to be widely accepted. A reasonable explanation of the phenomena can be found here :
    http://www.seiryuu.org/~raincrystal/soulbonding/" [Broken]
    Another site here:
    http://www.kurai.com/sb/what.html" [Broken]

    Nikola Tesla seems to experience a phenomena that is similar:

    In Nikola Tesla's Autobiography entitled: My Inventions, he speaks of:
    This can be found at: http://www.rastko.org.yu/istorija/tesla/ntesla-autobiography.html#chap1" [Broken]

    It appears that more creative people have intense and vivid experiences within their imaginations that can border on reality and almost seem real...

    There is a site where someone claims to be "soulbonded" with Neo from the matrix, but it seems to be much different than the common interpretation as the author makes reference to quantum physics and // universes. I do not endorse anything on the site nor wish to condemn its authors but I am skeptical of them. The site is quite extensive, and therefore I will include several links to it because portions of the site are difficult to navigate.
    Here is an explanation by the person claiming to be Neo:

    Here is a link to more of the site writings of "neo" etc:

    More of the site with FAQ:

    I do not have a point with this post. I only wanted to know your thoughts. If anything needs changing or further clarification on this post, please let me know.
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    ...why not just ask me? Rather than asking people to "debunk" it for you.

    The e-mail's widely available.

    Neither of the links you've provided touch on the idea of how the Multiverse theory may or may not relate to my existence. For those, I'd suggest reading a little more carefully/further, first:

    http://truthofthespoon.net/mainframe.htm -- The original page, where some of these things are addressed.

    http://truthofthespoon.net/explanation.html -- The page for anyone who thinks that by being who I am and doing the work I do, I'm saying that I can somehow "dodge bullets" or that they're all plugged into some fantasy-computer program... both ideas are, of course, completely ridiculous in the here and now. People are free to believe in the theories we hold for being here, or not, and I've been offered several others that all hold a modicum of truth. Also, the page for anyone who feels the need to be a scathing wit by saying that I couldn't have written my site, because there isn't a single "Whoa" in the entire text.

    Also, http://truthofthespoon.net/book.html -- this contains the .pdf file that contains the five-part belief system of us, and the entire group. What we're doing, and why.

    I'm sure that you can find the page on your own that describes how I have been, yes, psychiatrically evaluated. [They found a mild neurosis, nothing more -- and I told them everything.] The choice is always ANYONE'S: to believe or not, to scoff, to contact me/us and ask further questions... but I just find it a bit odd that before doing any of that, it gets put forth as a subject for dissection. I Google the site every three weeks or so, and was surprised to find this link.

    I'm not worried, nor am I hostile, offended, or the like: just curious. If it had to be anywhere, I really am pleased that it IS on a Physics/Math forum. That's definitely an improvement from some of the hate mail I've gotten. Personally, I'D be thrilled to discuss the parallel theories, so that I myself might have a greater understanding OF myself. Here's hoping that the "intellectual level" here matches the academic subject....!
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    Welcome to Physics Forums.
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    Cool. I'd honestly like a place to learn more.

    I'm so busy I never even thought to look. Only reason I had time now is because we're on-air, and I had a spare moment between songs.

    *shakes head.*
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