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What is T45 tube made of?

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    what is T45 tube made of? i have been on lots of websites and all i have gathered is that T45 is a type of tube (british standard) not a type of material. i really want to find a good data sheet of all the info about this material for finite ellement analysis. i need poisons ratio, ultimate tesile stress, yield stress, and youngs modulous. youngs modulous isnt such a problem since its the same for all steels but all i can find are values of similar materials such as 4130 steel for the others. i guess the figures i have got will do but i would still like to find a data sheet.

    i did find a site with some values for yield stress and ultimate tensile stress for T45 but it gave a range not a specific value which i find odd. does this mean the quality of the material varies?

    another value i would like to find out is the yield stress after welding but im not sure how to get this.
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    Boy, it's tough to find anything on T45. The Corus website mentions it along with 4130 (SAE), but there are no product datasheets readily available.

    Apparently T45 is a chrome-manganese steel as compared to chrome-moly steel.

    http://www.ice.hpv.co.uk/t45.htm [Broken]

    If it has the same properties as 4130, then try
    http://www.matweb.com/Search/MaterialGroupSearch.aspx?GroupID=230 (page 2)

    I found this, but I don't know how reliable it is. I couldn't find the alloy on Cartech's website.

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    You must be very carefull with just T45, the full specification you should be looking at is BS4T45 to BS4T100 Conditions. This material is a Carbon Manganese based and conforms to the full Aerospace Specification laid down by British Standards. There are copy materials being sold into the market that are specified as BS4T45 1972 and just T45, these materials will not be produced in the correct manner and could also be dangerous if used for products within the Aerospace / Motor Sports Industry. The only supplier that we know is Elmdon Metals / Winged Aviation - www.elmdonmetals.co.uk[/URL].

    Contact either Phil or Ron and they should be able to help with materials and specifications, look at their website as I think some specifications are shown.
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    thanks a lot everyone. all of this is very useful.
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    Hopefully I can help everyone a little with T45. I can see allot of threads with varying information and sometimes get worried that some people can be misleading for their own benefit!

    There are a number of people supplying T45 in the UK;

    TW Metals
    Super Alloys
    Winged Aviation
    Elmdon Metals
    Aerocom Metals

    I suggest that you try ALL of them for prices if you are looking at buying. I have noticed a thread about T45, T45 : 1972 and BS4T45 to BS4T100 all being different and manufactured different ways (some of which could be dangerous to mankind and the rest of the Universe).

    T45 is a carbon manganese cold drawn seamless tube. BS 4T45:1972 is the FULL spec for said carbon manganese tube including all chemical and mechanicals details and BS 4T 100:1997 is the procedure for inspection, testing and acceptance of seamless steel tubes and tubestock (not specific to T45 but a whole host of seamless tube).

    I will get off my high horse but want to ensure that people putting fear into others, to ensure they buy off them at extortionate prices, doesn't happen..... If in doubt, ask to see a copy of the certs before you buy, all stockists should not object to this!

    There are allot of sales people who read these threads, some offer good advise, some are only looking for business. I myself in fact work for one of the suppliers mentioned above, but we are not in the game to rip people off which is why ALL the companies should be tried for your own comparisons.
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    We are Osborn Metals Ltd based in Bradford & Rotherham & Longueville France
    see enclosed spec on our T45 tube we manufacture & test to Aerospace specifications

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    Pro Formance Metals are the supply partner to Oborn Metals / Tubes for products BS4T45 to BS5T100 in accordance with BS6S100 Condition Tube, 25CRMO4 and 1.7734 (15CDV6). We carry stocks within our facility and we also have access to the manufacturing schedules for future orders, for stock items the min order is 1 length. We also supply all Metals & Plastics that are used within the Motorsports Industry based around the globe.
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