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What is teaching like in London?

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    I live in the US, but when I graduate I would like to move to the London area for a while, or even permanently. I am majoring in Math Education. What is teaching like in London? Good benefits(health), pay(compared to standard of living), etc? Also, what is general life like in London, weather, women, sports, etc? And finally, are the websites that have a domain of gov.uk (ie, teach.gov.uk) real govt sites for the UK? Thanks.
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    Life in London: hmm, weather isn't that bad. In Summer it gets warm and hot, but not hot like 30 degrees C (more like mid 20s). It doesn't get too cold in Winter either, maybe the lowest is about -1 or -2 C and it rarely snows :(. Sports, well, this country is based around football (ie. soccer) so there are quite a few teams around. There's the London Towers basketball team (I think there's another team too, not sure) and of course Wimbledon. As for teaching, it depends where you go and of course on the individual teachers themselves. Oh and yes, those sites are official ones.
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    As for cost of living, you might have a shock there, but the pay is often proportionately higher.

    I found a nifty little 'cost of living' tool you might want to have a look at, - http://www.easyexpat.com/mod/cost_en.htm

    The London universities are, broadly speaking, excellent academically (and I'm talking about UCL, Imperial College), but then so are the 'red brick' universities of most large British cities. Are you sure you want to be in London, rather than any other city? It's probably the least British British city (well, in my humble opinion anyway), although this could be an attraction for you....
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    Meaning that cost of living is high in London? According to teach.gov.uk the starting pay for a teacher is roughly £20,000, is this decent pay considering the cost of living(in london)?

    And thanks for the responses, both of you :smile:
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    I've heard from a friend who has family in London that the cost of living is fantastically high...maybe he was exaggerating somewhat though :biggrin:
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    I live in london for all of my life and believe it's the best city in the world :biggrin: The night life is good and there's some really intressting people there and some not so intressting...

    It's expensive to life there, but the pay you get is most then most other places.

    You'll love london, but i recommed that you go there first to see what you think of it before you plan a career there though!
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