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Homework Help: What is temperature

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    These are all...true or false? if false- fix.

    1)The temp of a material is the total; energy kinetic and potential of its particles.

    2)scenarists are working on ways to change the thermal energy of molten rock called magma into electricity .

    3)scientists are working on ways to use the change in specific heat of ocean water to make electricity.
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    1) FALSE -- I am pretty sure temperature is the measure of the average kinetic energy of the particles not potential.

    2) not sure if that possible or not

    3) FALSE -- I dont see how you can change the specific heat capacity of water.
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    thank you so much i really appreciate this :tongue:
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    Mollz, please don't ask your questions in more than one thread. Once again, read the sticky at the top of the thread. Show your work before asking for others to help. This forum is not for other people to do your problem sets for you, but for you to learn how to do it for yourself.
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