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What is the acceleration ?

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    We all know that Force = Mass * Acceleration

    The problem to me is that what should be the acceleration when a object is pushed by hand pressure ?

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    Well, ideally, that would be
    (Applied force) / mass
    wouldn't it?

    Non-ideally (a.k.a. realistically) there are things such as friction which you need to take into account.

    (PS I noticed that the word "pressure" in your message was underlined... note that you are using it in a colloquial sense here, as opposed to the scientific meaning of pressure)
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    Thanks for the reply

    A slider ( weighing 1 to 1.5 kg ) slides into a box type opening against a spring. The slider is pushed upto 10 mm only against the spring by hand feed.

    Now, i am concerned for the Force harnessed by the mechanism for a distance of 1 mm.
    As Force = Mass * Acceleration ( & we need to calculate acceleration to calculate the force )

    After calculating the Force for 1 mm, i will multiply the force by 10mm(the stroke) so i will be able to calculate the correct force exerted on the spring.

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