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News What is the alternative to super power usa?

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    who would take over for the USA if they lost the national super power status in short order? what would the new world be like?

    i dont know much about political science so im trying to envision this world of less USA involvment as basicly the same as what we have now, as to say that the events and requirments that would cause this change should be ignored.
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    I'm gonna guess the collective EU (European Union) and Russia would fight for influence over the middle east, China would take over influence of most of Asia, Africa would be just as chaotic as it is now, South American nations would be pretty much left to their own devices to try a more tropically tempered form of Socialism, and would likely form a coalition like the EU.
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    Sounds like 1984 to me.
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    In what way?
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    Israel would be unleashed upon their enemies, eventually overwhelming a country containing oil supplies allowing for Israel to gain a financial strong hold. Is Israel now equipped with nuclear weapons?
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    Oceania, Eastasia and Eurasia
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    It's a bit of a circular argument as most of Israel's military budget is reliant upon US aid of different forms (milatry aid, economic aid, loans, tax breaks, etc). It's questionable if it could maintain it's occupation of the WB and G. without US aid let alone launch attacks on other countries.
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    The EU and Chnia are reeally the only two blocs that have power bases to rival the US, the EU could certainly assert an economic hegemony, but it's an economic not a politcal union. Also it's not socialist in itself it's just that it is rule dby the socialist bloc and rememeber that 'socialist' is a very broad term which includes Tony Blair's New Labour.
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    WB and G ? West Bank and Gaza?
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    yes that is correct.
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    Eurasia was part of 1984?
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    Guess you're right. That's odd, I only remembered Oceania and Eastasia. But in waste's scenario there's no Oceania.
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    im hoping to stir up some of the people who say things in the lines of 'usa holds the world from falling appart' and 'the oppresive rule of usa is a tyrany' and get their thoughts on the subject
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    Israel has had nukes from us for a while i believe...

    *i can't verify this, and i don't know for sure....
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    I am pretty sure that france gave them one (a nuke) back in the early 90's
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    I don't think that economically,China,Japan (and SE Asia) and EU would do very well,since a lotta of their exterior economical relations involve,in one way or another,the US...An (hypothetical) economical collapse of the US would have massive impact upon these state's economies.It would be just like a nuclear war between India & Pakistan...

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    Per Wikipedia: A powerful and influential nation, especially a nuclear power that dominates its allies or client states in an international power bloc.

    Superpowers became the name given to the Great Powers under the Cold War context; differentiating the bipolar situation from the previous multi-polar world... The enormous gap in military and economic power between the United States and other individual countries prompts some analysts to label the United States as a hyperpower. Because of the huge concentration of power in one state, some analysts have occasionally drawn analogy to a Pax Americana, with the United States as the guarantor of world peace and a mediator in disputes between other states. This is a direct reference to the Pax Britannica and the Pax Romana of the past, when Great Britain and the Roman Empire, respectively, were dominant powers deeply involved in the security of surrounding nations. This view is not universally held, nor easily defined. Others have a more negative view of the United States and see it not as a guarantor of peace but as an imperialist power imposing its will on other states.Edit Highlight :wink:

    Potential superpowers - Countries which some analysts predict could achieve superpower status in the coming decades:
    · Brazil, which has a large population, and the capacity to go nuclear.
    · China, which has limited nuclear capabilities, a large but mostly obsolete military, the world's largest population, and a large and growing economy (2nd largest in PPP, but only 1/7th the size of the United States' economy at market values).
    · The European Union, if counted as a single unit would have the largest economy in the world. Also the European Union obtains nuclear capabilities via France and the United Kingdom, but is still too politically and militarily fragmented to be considered a single power.
    · India, which has a population of over a billion, a small nuclear arsenal, as well as a thriving economy (4th largest in PPP).
    · Japan, which has one of the world's most powerful economies and has increased military funding in recent years.
    · Russia, the most powerful of the countries of the former Soviet Union, maintains the largest nuclear stockpile in the world and possesses a huge conventional arsenal, a large economy, and a plentiful supply of natural resources.
    · Worldwide public opinion has been described by the media as a Second Superpower

    It seems that the new global scenario may be multi-polar. And wow, the Physics Forum may become a Second Superpower! :smile:

    Here's the real shift in paradigm...?
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    What I meant, of course, was that the world's going to segregate into a few superpowers that will be locked in a perpetual state of (if not military) economic war, moreso than now.
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    Foretelling is a dangerous activity.The life on Earth could vanish tommorrow.

    Let's stick to the present.

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