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What is the best Sci-Fi ever: TV, Movie, and Book

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    Ivan Seeking

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    Also, what if any had the most impact on you?

    I think the new Outer Limits is [was?] the best Sci-Fi ever on TV. The writing is fresh and often quite excellent. The entire series then comes together as a single theme. IMO, absolutely the best!

    Childhood's End by A. Clark changed my life. This was the first exposure that I ever had to non-linear thinking. Ring World by Niven convinced me that women are another species.

    Best movie: I have to go with 2001. I have many favorites but to me, this still stands as the classic. I just wish Kubrick would had included the analysis upon which the movie was based. According to Kaku, Kubrick cut this at the last minute. Though I must admit, the absence of this resulted in a perceived mystical quality that inspired imaginations; as much as interest in science and in the new age mysticism.
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    Wow, this is a tough one. I have been a sf fan all my life and I have those fond memories from my youth ("What is the greatest age of sf?" "Fourteen"). That would be the Foundation books, the original three by Asimov.

    Then I have books that have given me pleasure in the last couple of years. Anything by Vernor Vinge, his latest is "A Deepness in the Sky". Anything by Ian Mcleod, especially his post trotsyist scottish series ("Cassini Division" is getting a lot of references in blogistan). Anything by Harry Turtledove, especially his three ongoing series "Contact" (sf), "American Empire" (alternate history), and "Darkness"(fantasy analogy to WWII).

    And a book that hits me right where I live, even if most people don't grok it: "Schild's Ladder" by Greg Egan.

    On movies, all I can say is that the original Star Wars, in its first release, blew me away, and I didn't get that from 2001. The bar scene was Kelley Freas brought to life.
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    in the feild of sci-fi, i like star wars books, along with books by Orson Scott Card and Frank Herbert. (<<especially the Ender series)
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    I'm not an avid SF reader, but I did like the book and the movie of HG Wells' "First Men in the Moon." I also liked the book and the movie of Michael Crichton's "Jurrasic Park."
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    and Frank Herbert's "Dune"...
  7. Jul 18, 2003 #6
    yeah i loved the book and film Dune, mmmm... sting
    well for other reasons too obviously...can't think of them right now but i'm sure they exist
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    Not that I'd actually call them "the best", but...

    I enjoyed the movie: The Day The Earth Stood Still,
    The TV show: Star Trek,
    and I remember (vaugely) that I enjoyed the Martian books of Edgar Rice Burroughs when they first came out (Synthetic Men of Mars).
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    Greetings !

    I used to read lots of sci-fi. I like Wells, Hall Kelement,
    Asimov, Klark, Verne, Harrison, William Shatner and more.
    I have to say that despite the fact that they are not the most original, technical, wild or in many other ways extraordinary
    books when compared to some of the others that I read, however William Shatner's books - The Ashes of Eden, The Return, Avenger
    and the other ones after them describing the (still :wink: ) continuing voyages of James T. Kirk, Spock, Picard, the TNG crew
    and more are the ones I enjoyed most in the past several years.

    As for movies (and I know this is not the "most" technical
    choice - but hell ! movies are just supposed to entertain)
    nothing beats Star Wars. I mean you just see those Star Destroyers
    and the fighters and Luke watching the sunset before he leaves
    with the music by John Williams in the background and its
    just great, nothing beats that ! (I first watched the Star
    Wars movies when I was about 8 or 9 so I suppose I'm kin'na totally brainwashed by them since then... I still remember
    that amazing feeling of awe more than I remember what I actualy
    saw then... )

    Next, of course :wink:, is Star Trek (I still remember the
    first time the giant saucer of the Enterprise D NCC 1701 filled
    the screen followed by the glowing necceles, I only saw the
    original series later but I also liked it a lot despite
    the understandable weak special effects).

    BTW, when it comes to dramatic adventure and sci-fi nothing
    beats John Williams ! Whether it's Spielberg, Lucas or any other
    great director/producer (including all the many related and
    unrelated to the movies PC games) without his music their movies wouldn't even have half the impact they do !

    BTW (2), I kin'na hated the Odyssey... What can I say ?
    It just sucks...

    BTW (3 - hey ! it's sci-fi ! ) Planet of the apes
    (the original !) was a good movie and Space Balls was
    hillarious. Of the Alien movies I liked the first and
    second ones because the first is just great and the second
    one has lots of action. I didn't quite like Dune but the
    action makes up for the bad impression and stupid plot.
    Terminator 2 is number one ! (I'll see T3 soon !)
    And Predator was great (or was it Shwartzeneger who was
    great.... ). I liked Contact. Independence Day and MIB
    are great too, but of course not very intellegent...:wink:

    Please remind me the few stuff I left out...:wink:

    Live long and prosper.
  10. Jul 18, 2003 #9
    Has anybody seen Terminator 3 yet, has it even been released (anywhere) ?
  11. Jul 18, 2003 #10
    From everyone I know who has seen it, I've heard it was really lame. Really, I have yet to hear a single person (who has seen it) say that it was worth seeing.

    Now, to answer Ivan's question...

    I've read way too many great SF books to choose a favorite, but a few that I love are: The Beggars Trilogy (by Nancy Kress), the Ender's series (by O.S.C.), Darwin's Radio and Darwin's Children (by Greg Bear), the Pegasus Trilogy (by Anne McCaffrey), etc...

    Anyway, the book that changed me the most was probably Wells' "The Time Machine", since it's what started me reading Science Fiction (and really started me interested in Science altogether, as I was only 4 when I first read it, and have been interested in Science since).

    My favorite SF movie is either X2 or The Matrix: Reloaded. Seriously, I'd like to pick one of the classics that I've seen, but these two really take the cake (IMO).

    I don't have a favorite SF T.V. show, because I don't watch T.V.
  12. Jul 18, 2003 #11

    Ivan Seeking

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    I wish I could say that. But then I do have about 10 science channels and I watch science show and documentaries almost exclusively...with the exception of a few regular shows; mostly Sci-Fi

    But as a kid I was terrible. There's the biggest difference between you and me Mentat. At 10 your were probably reading philosophy books and I was watching Gilligan's Island.
  13. Jul 19, 2003 #12


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    At 10 I was watching action/adventure/sci-fi movies and
    reading action/adventure/sci-fi books. Now I'm much older
    and I read science books but I still watch action/adventure/
    sci-fi 'cause movies are for FUN ! :smile:
  14. Jul 19, 2003 #13
    But Gilligan's Island was quite philosophical. The six castaways represented individuals from all walks of life and how these individuals interacted with each other reflected the social structure of American society. Did you ever notice how Gilligan wore red, the Professor wore white, and the Skipper wore blue?

    REF.: http://www.dalefranks.com/gilligan.asp [Broken]

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  15. Jul 19, 2003 #14
    Definitely the best sci-fi flick is Total Recall. The great final scenes of Mars achieving an athmosphere are unpayable
    But I am also quite fond of Blade Runner
    For series, I pick X-files and V
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  16. Jul 19, 2003 #15
    I loved Blade Runner and the book that inspired the movie Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? I can't say that any sci-fi book has ever changed my perspective of life... at least not that I am aware of.

    The movie the Road Warrior was perhaps the greatest film of all time. It represented the eternal struggle between man and i]greater forces[/i]. When I first saw the movie, at age eight, I was very moved. Naturally, I was led by the plot to believe that the Humungus had won the final battle, but as it turned out...

    The juice, the precious juice, was hidden in the vehicles.

    Sometimes, seeing the triumph of good over evil can bring tears of happiness to your eyes.

  17. Jul 19, 2003 #16
    Well, I'd really love to get Discovery Channel or Animal Planet or the History Channel, but alas all I get is ABC, and - while I watched a couple of sitcoms for a while - there's nothing really worth wasting my time on there.

    Yeah, but I never got to see Gilligan's Island. Never. Not a single episode. So, now, which one of us is missing out (btw, I read science and math books when I was younger, I've only recently become interested in Philosophy :smile:).
  18. Jul 19, 2003 #17

    Ivan Seeking

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    eNtRopY, you definitely get the prize for the most surprising response to date. I am sending your comments to my mother to assure her that all of that TV was of great philosophical value. You get the Golden Wienie Award from Ivan this month!
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  19. Jul 19, 2003 #18

    Ivan Seeking

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    Direct TV baby! And Directway for 600K internet connections from the middle of nowhere.

    Many people will know what I mean when I say that Ginger and Mary Ann alone are worth the watch.
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