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What is the best Sci-Fi idea that you have encountered?

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    Ivan Seeking

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    From any source, what are the most intersting ideas that you have read or seen in Sci-Fi? Of course, not to give away the plot for those who may see or read what is referenced.

    I just saw one that was cool on Gattica [spelling?]. Genetically engineered piano players have 12 fingers. Music is written that can only by played as such.

    One of my favorites of all time [one of my first Sci-Fi novels] was by Clark. Here I first encountered the notion of violating causality. I had never really considered such an idea. For those who have read this, I refer to the invaders who looked just like Satan; unltimately associated with the end of the world. This is why we have always had the Satanic image in folklore.

    Of course, some of you may recognize a certain tourist planet that was eroding away due to the excessive amount of mass being removed by visitors. It is therefore required that you excrete as much as you eat - you get a receipt from the toilet - or the difference is surgically removed before you can leave for home.
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    Demolition Man, when John Sparton Crashes the police car and it immediately fills with foam that then solidifies to stop him/the occupants of the car from being injured.
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    The "Monsters from the ID" on (dramatic sting) FORBIDDEN PLANET
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    Childhood's end :smile:
    one of my first novels too

    I liked the idea of the frictionless machines and anentropic devices in Dune - Heretics and Chapter House....they are just mentioned but I think the ideea is really cool

    and the RingWorld (Larry Nieven) - a giant metal strip around a G2 sun
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    Another God

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    Re: Re: What is the best Sci-Fi idea that you have encountered?

    I actually borrowed the taped reading of this book from a library and listened to it on a long drive. Really strange book in many ways...i have such distinct memories of that road trip because of that book.

    The Mars Trilogy by Kim Stanley Robinson has some really great stuff in it (real possible stuff too) (Red Mars, Green Mars and Blue Mars)

    Included are : Space elevator and a Solleto?: A giant reflecting lense in space to direct more sunlight onto Mars' surface.

    Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy: Infinite Improbability drive.

    Snow Crash : Skateboards which have thousands of little teloscopic tubes instead of wheels. The tubes are spread evenly around an axle, and sensors detect the road surface up ahead and calculate exactly how long to make each rod for a perfeectly smooth ride. These skateboards were used in conjunction with a magnetic anchored rope thing, which you launch at motored vehicles. Couriers used thes skateboards and ropes by attaching to a car and launching themselves forward onto another car up further ahead, and so on, shooting through the traffic much faster than anything else. Pretty cool.
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    Songs of Distant Earth (A C Clarke): Colonisation by robotic probe chips that carry DNA encoded electronically, to prevent degradation.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Re: Re: What is the best Sci-Fi idea that you have encountered?

    and lottery based reproductive rights that lead to a genetically lucky lady.
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    not really far out there. but Replicators from Star Trek are great. You know, rearranges matter into whatever you want. Mostly used for food on the show though :)
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