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Homework Help: What is the best way to get a response?

  1. Dec 5, 2004 #1
    To those who habitually use this forum:
    What are the best methods to get a response to a question? I really love the idea behind these forums, but I never seem to evoke reactions with my threads. Is it all in the title, or is it how I post my question? I guess mine was just one of many wave function questions...
    Thanks for your help!
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    Prior to this posting I see you asked two other questions and received a reply to one of them. Including this one, you now have replies to 2 out of 3 queries which looks like a pretty good batting average to me! :-)

    Seriously, and speaking for myself only, I reply only to those questions that I can contribute to intelligently and briefly. I'll pass over many of them simply because I don't have time but occasionally a question arises that I find particularly interesting in which case I'll put a little extra effort into it.
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    I have actually experienced the same thing. I havent gotten responses to some of my questions. Like the past two days ive been trying to figure out a problem and ive posted it up here. I didnt get any help...I really like this forum when i do get help, its very helpful. Its a great thing, but yeah...i know its hard for everyone to get to every single question, i understand that. i guess there isnt much to argue about then...
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    I agree with Tide. Many people, including me (eventhough I'm pretty new to the forum) will try to answer questions that I feel I can contribute too. But I'm leaving out a small detail; I am so lazy when it comes to using LateX :yuck:
    Anyway, good luck.

    PS. You know what's even worse than not getting a question answered? Having an entire forum which no one visits, I hate it when that happens to me :cry:
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    I have tried sending PM's as well to those who answer questions, but no ones gotten back to me. Can any one of you guys help me?
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    I am happy you asked this so I can give posters some general guidelines that I think will increase their success rate.

    1) Keep it short. For homework questions, I generally do not read post that are more than about 20 lines long. Sorry. Most of us do not have the time for that. Posts that are less than five lines long are very attractive for answering! I understand that it is not always easy to fit everything in such a small space, especially considering that we expect you to show your work, but do you best. The shorter the better.

    2) Word the questions very clearly. Copy them directly from the source if possible. People feel disinclined to answer questions that make no sense.

    3) As mentioned in #1, show your work, out of courtesy for those who help you. As most posters know, we generally do not answer homework questions here: we guide people through them to help them understand and answer the questions on their own.

    These are guidelines that will help you to get a response from me, and I think from most other users. However, criteria may vary for different people.
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    Wow! Thanks so much for all of your input. You all sound so nice and helpful that I feel really fortunate to have found this forum. Sirus, I think that length probably has a lot to do with the lack of enthusiasm surrounding my wavelength question. It will be good practice for me to learn to shorten my inquiries.
    Thank you, all!
  9. Dec 5, 2004 #8
    If that doesn't work you always get a fast responce by using catchy title phrases such as;

    0.9999... does equal 1 you dummies!


    Einstein was an idiot

    Rest assured help will soon be on the way!
  10. Dec 5, 2004 #9
    Other attractive titles:

    - Proving that F=ma^2
    - I have discovered the graviton
    - I think I'm stuck in the fourth dimension -- urgent help needed!
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