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Homework Help: What is the blood beat frequency?

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    Ultrasound reflected from an oncoming bloodstream that is moving at a 30 cm/s is mixed with the original frequency of 2.5 MHz to produce beats. What is the beat frequency? (Velocity of sound in blood = 1540 m/s.)

    Beat Frequency in Hz =
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    This exact question appeared recently and there were some responses to it. Maybe you can find it and if need be continue the discussion there.
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    It is called what what effect(I don't know how to say it in english)

    The frequency the blood receive isf1=f(sound)*(V(sound)+V(blood))/V(sound)

    The frequency blood reflect and mixed with the original Ultrasound is
    f2=f1*V(sound)/( (V(sound)-V(blood))

    So f2=f(sound)*(V(sound)+V(blood))/(V(sound)-V(blood)) ,you caculate it yourself.

    And the f(beat)=|f2-f(sound)|.

    If you still have any questions,contact me at wangkehandsome@hotmail.com,Iwill be very glad to anwser it for you.
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