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C/++/# What is the C/++/# tag?

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    I'm confused by the C/++# tag on posts in this group. C and C++ do belong together.

    OTOH, C# is a managed language, more like Java, and though its syntax is similar, it is a completely different language. Everything is very different. Could we have C# in its own category? I could help with C# more but I'm rusty on C/C++ and each time, I have to open the post and read it to know which category I'm dealing with.

    Is this something people are just randomly doing, or is it something the forum can control?
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    C# is nevertheless a derivative of plain C.
    While it functions internally in a very different manner to the other C family languages, much of the details of it's syntax are the same.
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    But my point is, that only the syntax is similar.

    C# is a MANAGED language. You don't have to release memory (most of the time). String handing is easy. You don't need to know how wide integers are, etc. It has single inheritance (whereas C++ has multiple inheritence, a great complicator). C# is in fact completely different to programmers than C++. So it should not IMO be lumped together in a topic with C/C++.
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    I agree with this, it is very different. It would help a little more with identification if the tags were separated. (As a side note I think this thread belongs in the Feedback section of the forum. :smile:)
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    I believe that they were lumped together by the owner of this site, Greg Bernhardt, to distinguish questions on any of these languages from questions on Fortran or Python, for example.
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