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What is the cause of gravity force ?

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    Force is naturally associated with something acting on anything. Eletromagnetic forces are bipolares, i.e., charges are of opposite signals to atract one another. Why gravity is monopolar ? The einsteins elastic rubber example imply on a kind of hyerarchy of forces, so, it would possible that such hyerarchy of forces possibly causes what we know as gravity ?
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    General Relativity theory describes gravity as the geometry of space-time and as Wheeler said:

    Matter tells space-time how to curve and space-time tells matter how to move.

    Why matter likes to travel space-time geodesics can't be answered until perhaps we have a theory of everything when all will be revealed until we find something that isn't...

    I like the old story of the Earth being supported in the heavens by sitting on the back of a giant. The giant? He's standing on a turtle. The turtle? It's standing on another and its turles all the way down...
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    Let's keep it to actual physics, please.
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    You're taking that rubber sheet analogy too seriously. It doesn't "imply" anything because it's not really how gravity works, it's just a generally misleading analogy.

    You might try searching this forum for other discussions of the rubber sheet analogy, as well as poster A.T.'s videos and animations of gravity at work.
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