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Homework Help: What is the chemical name for:

  1. Nov 25, 2006 #1
    Oyster Shell?
    Alcoholic CObalt (II) solution?

    Any help would be appreciated.... cant really find it at wikipedia...
    if you could find a link of these please post

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    I dunno about oyster shell, but:

    cobalt(II) oxide Could be a Co atom having a +2 charge which will join an O atom having a -2 charge. cobalt(III) oxide would have 2 Co atoms each with a charge of -3 surrounded by 3 O atoms each with a -2 charge. In each case, the O atoms maintin their -2 charge (as they tend to do)
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    also, the fact that it's dissolved in an alcohol means you might be trying to oxidize a molecule that doesn't dissolve in water. The solvent doesnt really matter, as far as reactions go. You just gotta rmemember which solvents are polar protic, aprotic, and nonpolar :)
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    You probably want to broaden your search to the larger grouping that Oysters belong (hint: seashells, mollusks)
    I found a nice description searching under: composition of sea shells.
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