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What is the closest we have come to

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    What is the closest we have come to proving the number theory? - What does the equastion look like
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    How close have we come to proving "the geometry"?

    Number theory is an area of study (its focus being on the natural numbers (1, 2, 3, 4, etc) and suitable generalizations), it's not some sort of conjecture like you seem to think it is.
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    I understand number theory i was reffering more to what is the closest any one equastion has come to explaining the prime the relation?
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    This doesn't make any more sense to me then your first post. Maybe you can explain what you mean by "the prime the relation"?
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    He had just sat down at his computer, and logged into physicsforums, when the drugs began to take hold...
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    I know the answer!!!

    "equastion" is a typo for "equestrian"

    By "the number theory" he/she's referring to betting statistics

    "the prime the relation" - translated means "primo relation" - is some kind of lucky horse picking strategy (e.g., wearing green socks when placing a bet).

    This person wants to know how to place a bet at the track!!

    Go with your gut, pal.
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    Oh, come on guys. There are an awful lot of people here who's native language is not English. Let he whose (French, German, Tagalog- enter the language of your choice) is without flaw cast the first stone.
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    Look at his other posts and the English on those.
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    Wee, this is real productive guys. :grumpy:

    whatzzupboy: feel free to start a new thread once you figure out what you want to ask.
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