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What is the Closest We Have to AI (within normal human g range)?

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    What is the Closest We Have to AI (within normal human "g" range)?

    Requesting info. please, thanks.

    Also, second question: I heard something about scientists mapping every human synapses and neurons in the brain and then somehow transforming these into artificial neural nets. How do they do this, the mapping part and then converting it to identical artificial neural nets? What type of math equations do they use to represent the human brain and then apply this to chip circuits? Maybe I can just be directed to a link.

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    the closest we have? I would say a trained rat (rats are smart for animals)

    as for the second one.... that was a star trek episode.
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    I'm not sure how that neural net thing would work. Neurons are pretty analog, so even simulating one would be a lot of work. Also, it seems to me that it would be difficult to tell if the AI worked or not. It takes years of interactions with other people for our brains to collect enough information to know how to function and to think critically. Even if one was to simulate a brain perfectly, it may be as functional as a newborn baby.
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    Mapping every synapes with our current technology and understanding of the brain is far from possible. We actually know little about how the brain actually works. Really, just seeing what part of the brain is active when doing certain functions and determining that part of the brain has something to do with carring out that function is just about all we know how to do. As far as what goes on in the mircoscopic scale with individual neurons, we know, for the most part, the mechanics of how neurons send signals but not so much how neurons interprete these signals and act together as a whole.

    The brain is the most complex structure that we know. It has been estimated that one average human brain has the computing power of all the world's processors put together, times 16 million.
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