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What is the corresponding UCS2 code?

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    i was preparing for my compsci exam doing past papers
    and encountered a few questions i dont get
    can someone help me plz?

    The following bytes are encountered in a UTF8 stream. What is the corresponding UCS2 code? (Express your answer in hexadecimal)
    23 E8 96 BC C2 8B

    i dunno wat's UTF8 and UCS2, cant find it in my lecture notes

    another question
    Express the performance of the following methods using big-Oh notation in terms of the parameter n. Give reasons for your answers.

    public void determineComplexity(int n) {
    int add = 0;
    if (n ==0)

    for this one, is the answer equals
    if n = 1000
    it'll take 3 times before n == 0
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