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What is the distance to the nearest star?

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    What is the distance to the nearest star? Is the nearst star Proxima Centauri (and it being 4.3 lightyearsaway)? Whats the Distance across a galaxy and the size of te observable Universe? :bugeye:
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    The first part of you question is answered here:

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    en.wikipedia.org is often a good reference for lots of things. I entered "observable universe" into its search function, and it gives this page:

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    thanks, i didnt know about wikipedia :approve: i've added it to my favourites thanks x
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    From wikipedia:
    This is wrong. In the current cosmological model the edge of the observable universe would be located at about 46 billion lightyears.
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    I was reading a book today which mentioned 78 billion light years.
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    To paraphrase Asimov, differences of less than a factor of ten are rarely important, except in the matter of salaries where factors of two matter.
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