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What is the E fielf inside a ring?

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    The ring is a two dimensional figure. Given that the line charge density "U", what can we say about the Eletric field everywhere inside such a ring of charge?
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    The electric field inside any conductor, when a constant current is travelling through it, is zero. Now, that and any charge distribution usualy creates a field which is found by solving Poisson or d'Alembert equations with proper boundary conditions.

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    The problem mentions no conductor. But it's true that the potential at every point on the ring is the same (be sure you find the proof as to why that is!) Take it to be 0. Inside, the potential satisfies Laplace's equation. Now, all you gotta do it find a potential function V that satisfies the boundary condition and the Laplace equation. After you've found such a V, the uniqueness theorem assures you that it is THE potential for this charge configuration. As Griffiths puts it: "It doesn't take a genius to think of one solution to this problem".
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