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Homework Help: What is the emf induced in the loop?

  1. Apr 3, 2005 #1
    A long solenoid has n = 400 turns/m and carries a current I = 30 A(1 - e-1.6t/s). Inside the solenoid and coaxial with it is a loop that has a radius R = 0.06 m and consists of N = 250 turns of wire (Fig. 3). What is the emf induced in the loop?

    I know that the inuced emf is N(deltaBA/deltat) but i'm not sure what to use when there is an inside coil as well. Or maybe my the equation is wrong all together...please help
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    Long solenoids create a uniform magnetic field in thier interiors, correct? Well, the equation given for the amperage... this will cause the magnetic field to change with time, your Delta B, which yields an induced EMF in the interior coil.
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