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What is the final temp. of each liquid?

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    You place 2 beakers at 25 degrees celsius on a hot plate.
    Beaker A = 100.00 mL liquid Mercury
    Beaker B = 100.00 mL liquid Water
    Each absorb 15 KJ of heat.
    What is the final temp. of each liquid?
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    Have you attempted the problem? Keep in mind the general formula

    [tex]q=mc\Delta t[/tex]

    where q is heat flow in joules (or kilojoules), m is mass in grams (or kilograms, if q was in kilojoules), c is the specific heat capacity in the appropriate units, and t the temperature in °C.
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    Thats what I've tried....but I can't seem to figure out what step I am going wrong in.
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    Show us your results.

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    Are are you sure you are using the correct value of the specific heat capacities of each liquid. And if so, are you making sure you are converting your 15kJ to the properly corresponding energy unit?
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