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What is the force of a shockwave expanding 100 fps in fluid

  1. Feb 22, 2008 #1
    I posted a few days ago . . . I think the point of my question has been missed. It was generally about ballistics. I elected not to go into any specifics because this is a physics forum not the FiringLine forum.

    So, I will specify and simplify . . .

    Here is my question. If a sphere is traveling at 1000 fps, according to my data, when it hits a fluid-like medium, (ballistics gel) the shock wave that it imparts on that medium is 1/10 the velocity of the actual projectile. (I acquired this information from a very reputable source.)

    My question is simply this: what is the force (in pounds per square inch) of a fluid shock wave traveling at 100 fps.

    Also: for the more advanced math expert (if it is at all possible) I would also like to know how quickly such a shock wave would degrade at about 1' from the center of impact.

    Can anyone out there help me with this???
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