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What is the function of the stars relative to the universe?

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    Hi, my name is John and I am a new member. I do not understand the tag. What tag do I use?
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    How do i use the tag? Is the tag like a username?
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    Click Forums> at top of page and scroll down where the various Forums (Physics, etc ) are on the Forums homepage. Click on Astrophysics and pose your question underneath a B I U ..... pale blue bar across whole of page. And click POST REPLY / POST THREAD. It would be better to first enter a profile
    for yourself at the Home Home page where the TOP BAR has the icon MY PF^ (down arrow). Good luck. Greg Bernhardt is a good source of navigation
    information, he(?) can understand simple questions in simple sentences. I think he has "brain" trouble ,otherwise! Welcome to PF, johnjohn22.
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    What is the purpose of the trillions of stars in the universe? Where is all of the energy going from the fusion and fision of the stars. What forces are the stars driving?
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    johnjohn22, you are posting your questions in the wrong forum., this is Member introductions ONLY - no questions.

    If you look up, Janosh89 told you where and how to post your questions.
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