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What is the heat of formation of water vapor?

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    At standard temperature and pressure, what is the heat of formation of water vapor?
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    Heat of formation for
    H2O from H2 and O2 is -68.32 Kcal/Mol

    The latent heat of evaporation is -600 ca/g
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    Heat of formation for a mole of water vapor: -241.82 kJ
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    How is this a brain teaser? And the phrase "at standard temperature" seems very odd to me in this circumstance, but it's been a while since I've considered this sort of stuff.

    - Warren
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    too late, but i would say its -241.8 KJ/mol of H2O(g) produced , which is the same as meteor's answer.
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    NateTG with the point!
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