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What is the higg's boson?

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    what EXACTLY is the Higg's boson?
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    Kind of a gauge theory patch, nothing else.
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    The Higgs boson is a theoretical particle required by the Higg's mechanism. The Higg's mechanism is a way to mathematically add mass to the present theory and thus may solve the gauge invariance problem.

    You can always get general information from wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/" [Broken] but you do have to be carefull. Some inaccruacies go uncorrected.

    For example
    "The Higgs mechanism in the standard model successfully predicts the mass of the W±, and Z weak gauge bosons, which are naturally massless."

    The Higgs mechanism does not in fact predict the mass of the W±, and Z weak gauge bosons as the Higgs mechanism does not predict the coupling value between the Higgs field and the W±, and Z bosons.

    In fact using the data from the W and Z bosons indicates the most likely mass for the Higgs boson is about the same as the Z boson. This means the Higgs boson should have already been found!
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