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What is the Human Race Capable Of?

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    In terms of our physical state!

    We have all seen on TV genetically modified humand with power of the mind the repel people. People with superhuman strength and the ability to dodge bullets with either speed or just because there rock solid!

    What is the human body capable of? Could we ultimatele all become like superman? Will lifts be irrelevant because we can just jump the 100m high building into the office?

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    Humans are not capable of this. Humans would have to evolve (far!) beyond their current state.
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    so they are capable? its just a long way off? I mean, thinking of also we have Genetic Modsifying techniques now, no matter how far from finished and perfect they are can they not hold the key ?

    doesnt the brain have a "telepathic region" in it ? that we cant use just yet, or is that things off science fiction?
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    Actually, it depends on what you consider human. Does our technology count? Man can already fly... we just need to activate our very complex "adaptation".

    And no, the telepathic centre stuff is fiction.
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    A plane, using Dawkin's terminology, is essentially a human extended phenotype just as a beaver dam is an extended phenotype of the beaver.
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    Greetings !
    Of course except for the flying part (you need
    wings for that)... :wink:
    Sure, you just have to jump and miss the ground
    by getting distracted while you're in the air !

    Seriously though, with advanced enough genetic
    engeneering we can do almost anything. BUT, we
    won't be human anymore will we ? :wink:
    Than again, being human is just a sentimental
    attachment, right ?

    Also, I think that in reality genetic engineering
    will be combined with cybernetic engineering.

    Live long and prosper.
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    well yeah we wont be "technically" human anymore :P but you know what i mean :) I dont like the idea of cybernetic inplants (its a bit "the borg" for me to like. Not meaning itll make me evil, but saying id rather not have technology placed all in my body :P).

    I suppose if cell structure was alot (ALOT) tighter together, wouldnt that make you tougher? your skin i mean so less things will break it. I hope i am still living when the first "genetic enhancements" take place, that would rock. Unless the person became evil and made a plot to take over the world (in which case another person would have to be genetically engineered to stop him :P). :)
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    Another God

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    Once biology is fully understood (a long way down the track probably), then cybernetics, as we know it won't be anything like it is now. Biology will meet with Nanotechnology, and some sort of intermediate ground will result where things are designed by some sort of computer code, and the resulting desire is quickly 'grown' by nanobots.

    At the moment, the computer program is our DNA code, and the nanobots are Ribosomes. At first, we will use this defaul machine code of life, and the provided hardware (ribosomes and tha cell) to design better humans and animals and plants and whatever. Once we understand DNA and proteins perfectly, we will be able to do...unbelievable things. Think of wood, think of see shell shells, think of nails, think of hair, think of spider webs, think of muscles, think of skin, think of horns...think of all these incredible structures which have been already programmed by DNA. Then think what else out there is made out of carbon... Maybe Diamond could be created by DNA programmed nanobots? Maybe we will be able to write a program which creates people with wings, extra arms, greater strength, and a diamond based exoskeleton?

    Maybe its possible. Probably unlikely, but more important, is whether it would even be an improvement. The body 'breaks' for a variety of very important reasons. You need to solve these problems other ways first...
  10. Apr 23, 2003 #9
    we could become a wicked race...

    Tim (a 5 year old) - "so jenkins what do you think to this new theory of buiding a wormhole eh ? i mean come on, a wormhole generaor capble of 3million light years travel being the size of a coffee cup, its preposterous!"

    Jenkins (a 6 year old) - "Well Tim, i belive that its possible, if we re-calculate as i do here *types numbers into thin air* you will see the femtobots can do their job sufficiently to produce an event horizon approximatele 2 meters diameter."

    Tim - "Oh yes, how short sighted of me, a rah rah rah"

    Jenkins - "Yes, well, quick we need to finish demolishing this mountain before tee time, its macarony and cheese day and i do so hate it when its gone cold"

    Tim - "indupitably! To the StormBuster 2000!"

    or such like :) anyway, that would be cool, and i never really thought of it as nanobots wise doign all the hard work, thatd be well cool, if a little scary (all the arch villans from storys such as uperman actually becoming theoretically real? hmmmm!)
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