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What is the level of maths and phisics on master's studies?

  1. Jun 25, 2012 #1
    hey guys!

    i'm new here :)

    i am going to apply for master's studies in earth science. i have had a break in maths and phisics for the last two years... before that i studied this stuff in the University (and gained a diploma degree in ...something else.. not directly related to earth science but we really did a lot of calculations).. i am feeling like i forgot almost everything.. of course, i still have a few months before the semester begins to recall what i once used to know..

    my question is for those of you, guys, who is / was studying geodesy on the master's level. what branches of maths and phisics are taught for students? is it much deeper than these on bachelor's level?

    ..i am asking because there is an option of bachelor's studies as well. though i wouldn't like to loose 3 years to study what i already know ... but also i am afraid i couldn't be good enough for master's studies.
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