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Homework Help: What is the mass of the ice cube?

  1. Feb 12, 2005 #1
    take an ice cube at 0 degrees C and place it in 500 grams of water at 60 degrees C . The final temperature is 18 degrees C . What is the mass of the ice cube? heat of fusion for water is 80 cal per g. Anyone?
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    [tex]Q_{gained} = -Q_{lost}[/tex]
    You know that 500 grams of water decreases in temperature from 60 to 18 degrees celsius and that [tex]C_{water}[/tex] in terms of calories is 1, so the energy lost by the 60 degrees water would be: [tex]500\times 1 \times -48[/tex]. Figure out [tex]Q_{gained}[/tex]. Don't forget to add the heat of fusion for x grams of the ice-cube to your heat gained.
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    You mean subtract...From [itex] |Q_{lost}|=|Q_{gained}| [/itex] he should subtract the heat consumed/used to melt and the rest is used to increase temperature of water to 18°.

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    Yeah by add I meant "factor in". Sorry if I was unclear.
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