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What is the meaning of life?

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    Ive been absent for a while trying to find this out, and I've come back and everybody's talking about it so I must assume everyone knows...

    Really, I just want to hear your different opinions.
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    A sub-par Monty Python movie.
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    sad... oh so sad...
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    Meaning of life

    From a purely a biological standpoint it seems the meaning (purpose) of life boils down to survival and reproduction. Anything beyond that is just speculation. It seems that evolution is producing organisms that, over time have developed greater self awareness. Self awareness seems to be a sort of learning process. Religous theories deal with morals. The question you ask comes up fairly often in the philosophy forum here and with a little effort you can find these threads and get a greater amount of opinions than your thread may create.
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    Whatever you think it is.
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    I agree with RAD; from a biological point of view, you are just an information carrier, and your sole function is try and pass on the torch that is your DNA.

    But, to quote Descartes, "Cogito ergo sum." I think, therefore I am.
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    Perhaps we can reverse that famous quote by saying: "I am, therefore I think"; and subsequently deriving the purpose of life from it.
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    The bigger question here is - Is there a meaning to life at all? Our existance serves no purpose. Wether we exist or not makes no difference in the universe. Everything we do, from our basic urges to our most complex achievements, is simply a consequence of something else.
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    I disagree. Whatever we do has an absolute and irreversible difference on the universe; in fact, simply by the fact that we exist does.
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    hmm... Touche
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    It has always been my belief that the meaning of life is find out what life means to you.

    I do not believe that what life means to me has to be the same as everybody else in the world.

    I could tell you what life means to me, but does that help you out at all? In the end, there are no absolutes in this matter, and the choice is yours to adopt whatever thoughts on the matter as you see fit, but don't you think you'd rather live your life under your ideas, rather then somebody else's?
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