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A What is the metric of n-sheeted AdS_3 ?

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    suppose the AdS_3 metric is given by
    $$ds^2 =d\rho^2+cosh^2\rho d\psi^2 +sinh^2 \rho d\phi^2$$
    what is the n-sheeted space of it? Can the n-sheeted BTZ be constructed from it by identifications as n=1 case?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Maybe you should give the definition of an n-sheeted space here to get more responses.
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    About n-sheeted space, I do not know the precise defination. I will give some introductions.
    consider a 3-dimensional space B_1 whose boundary is M_1. Then the manifold M_n is defined as n-folded cover of M_1: taking n copies of M_1, cutting each of them apart at a region A, and gluing them in cyclic order. Then the bulk solution B_n whose boundary is M_n is the n-sheeted space of B_1.

    For example:
    BTZ solution can be wriiten as :
    $$ ds^2=r^2 d\tau^2 +(r^2+1)^{-1} dr^2 + (r^2+1) d\phi^2$$
    n-sheeted BTZ is given by:
    $$ ds^2= r^2 d\tau^2 +(n^2r^2+1)^{-1} n^{2}dr^2 + (n^2r^2+1) n^{-2} d\phi^2$$
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