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What is the most commonly used scale of sharpness?

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    What is the most commonly used scale of sharpness? Does anyone know a webpage with examples of the comparitive sharpness of various things?
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    Sharp as in like a knife? I've never heard of one, but I'd imagine the best way to compare would be by the width of the edge.
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    Re: Sharpness

    This is an interesting question.
    As the width of the leading-edge would determine a degree of sharpness(as russ keenly pointed-out), I would imagine that the factor of edge-hardness or application durability would likewise be a key factor.
    Given that, I would suppose that sharpness is relative.
    For example, a "sharp knife" is only "sharp" if it cuts that which it contacts; in this sense of the term.
    So, a "knife" which has a much finer leading-edge width but far less durability might well do little "cutting" and perhaps not even go through a stick of butter. Would this not be considered "less sharp"?
    Just my thoughts.
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    Re: Re: Sharpness

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