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  1. I I was watching something the other day and using math they were able to trace droplets of water back to an origin point (they used that I then find the origin of a rapist but I don't know about that being realistically possible) but they didn't say what it was called that they were doing, usually they do and I look it up to learn more and I was wondering if anyone could tell me what this analysis was called, tracing data back to a source. Thanks!
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  4. Would it actually be possible to do what he did and track a criminal back to an origin point like that?
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    Yes, I think its possible and yes I think it was actually used by a mathematician police officer in Canada a few years earlier, developed into an application for poilce depts and was the basis for the episode.

    This may answer your question better:


    and for other episodes:


    Lastly, some more commentary of some episodes and how realistic the math was:

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